Mobile Diagnostic Imaging Services

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Radiographic and Diagnostic image at home

Mobile X-rays

Bersa Mobile X-ray's 100 % digital diagnostic mobile X-rays allow for superior imaging, enhancement, reduce radiation, manipulation, and adjustments. Mobile X-rays can be performed quickly and conveniently, and viewed remotely by your doctor on a laptop, smartphone, or ipad.

Ultrasound Services

Our sonographers perform a wide variety of ultrasound exams, including renal, abdominal, carotid artery screening, arterial ultrasound and screening for AAA (Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm), venous doppler ultrasound to rule out deep venous thrombosis (DVT), and general vascular ultrasound.


Our echocardiography studies include three components: 2D, Doppler interrogation, and color flow.

Picc Line Placement and Verification

We work with PICC line nurses that verify proper insersion with a quick chest X-ray.


We provide bedside electrocardiogram (EKG) services with interpretation. When performing this routine, noninvasive test, BMXRU'S highly skilled staff will take the extra time ensure your patients are comfortable and well-informed.